Photo Matching for Web based SketchUp


I could not find an option for photo matching… I’m hoping this does it?

What’s up with SketchUp Make?

At the moment, SketchUp for Web does not support photo matching, but if you have been hanging around this forum for a while you will see that we’re launching new features all the time. We aren’t yet at full feature parity with our desktop SketchUp client applications.

Out of curiosity, how are you hoping to use photo matching in SketchUp for web?


I have photo’s and blueprints of a tiny house someone else started building, I’m trying to model it so I can plan the roof next.


Gotcha- thanks for that. I can see how Match Photo would help you accomplish that task. For now, I’d suggest using SketchUp Make for this project.


Tiny House reference cage in 3DWareHouse

photo match may have been the wrong technique to start with. The original blueprints weren’t to scale with themselves and may have been copied or scanned at less than a straight angled edge, I used the scale tool to pinch and pull as close as I could and just kept in mind they are only reference points and not hardened geometry yet.
I’m looking for a tutorial thatl explains getting the image onto the surface of the geometry

Working from References

trying to scale photo match to existing geometry
The original builder salvaged half the windows from a previous camper, so I’ll still need photo match to find the actual windows. Looking for a tutorial to cover such use case next


I’d like to see this too (including SketchUp for Schools version).

In my case, my course description for next year’s class is about learning perspective drawing. The studio part includes hand drawing and using photographs to see how perspective works. To keep SketchUp in my course, I proposed to use Match Photo to further the lesson with vanishing points etc. Last year’s class was all done with SketchUp for Schools, despite it’s limitations, but next year will require Match Photo, so, I’ll have to see come spring 2019 what versions have that in their feature set.