Good project after completing 3:Core Concepts, 4 Push Pull, and 5 Accuracy

My students have completed all of the videos in SketchUp Fundamentals up to 5. Accuracy. What would be a good project for them to work on?


Pick a simple real world object to model. Something in the classroom they have access to, like your desk, or a coffee cup. Get them to take actual measurements and then recreate that object in SketchUp. Pick a mostly rectangular object they can be successful with at first then choose harder objects as they progress.

The actual classroom or building itself would be cool - then it can be populated with objects, people, etc, maybe even do an exercise where the layout changes.

Depending on abilities you could have students work in groups on differnet objects or areas/rooms, and then connect them into one model of the building.

This would be a good social science intro to architecture, interior design, construction, game design, etc, etc.

I like this. I am imagining students uploading their models to the warehouse. Is there any other way for them to work collaboratively?

I dont use the Schools version so not sure how it differnet, but generally, Yes, you can create a single SKP model that becomes the “base” onto which you can place the various student models.

Those student models can be updated over time as students continue their work.

It would make sense to set up something in the Base model that unifies things - for example the basic room areas & a corridor with doors - as a “common item” that everybody can connect into.

To collaborate they would need to check their models in every so often and refresh the main base model.
its probably a very good learning process for them to learn…working on their own piece of a bigger picture.

I can share my Tiny House project videos, if you’d like. They are based on SketchUp for Schools, but just as easily done in the desktop version.

I also have a MatchPhoto lesson that’s probably good for one class. That requires the desktop version.