Project Idea while completing "SketchUp Fundamentals"

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  • My students have been working on the SketchUp Fundamentals from Sketchup Campus.
  • They finished the quick start videos and modeled the accompanying playground. For a project, I had them complete 3 other playground structures.
  • Now they are finishing the videos and activities from “Core Concepts”, “Push/Pull”, and “Accuracy”.

My Question:
What would be a good project for them to work on after completing these modules? It would be nice if the project allowed for students to practice the skills that were covered in the aforementioned videos.

In the past, after these videos, I had students work on converting a picture of a floor plan to a house. However, I think that would be better as a later/final project.

Other projects I have students work on are

  • Modeling one object in the classroom
  • Model their bedroom with furniture using tags to show different layouts
  • The final project has always been to model something of their choosing.

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What version of SU? Pro or Schools?

I always thought modeling their own room was a good idea or the space we were in, though I never ended up assigning that.

If you’re on Pro/Make, would you want a lesson on modeling a stool from a photograph?

How old are the students you’re working with? What is the class you’re teaching? If it’s an industrial arts type of class, maybe give them a choice of some different machine parts to model. There are a number of good sources for dimensioned drawings that could be used for this.

Maybe they could model some sort of simple Rube Goldberg type machine

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SU Pro 2021

I do Model their room for a future project. (I got that idea on the forums as well!)

Modeling a stool from a photograph sound really interesting. I’d love to check it out.

  • Age: High School Age
  • Class: Intro to Computer-Aided Design. I have the students for 75 days for 50 minutes each class. Total of 60 hours.

Modeling Machine parts is a great Idea! I will give it a google unless you know of any sources?

A few ideas :grinning::

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I imagine it would make assessment very straight forward to have a “template” to follow…but I dont know many highschool kids who are inspired by random machine parts or want spend days to model a stool.

I’ve done the “model your room” one before. It works pretty well and is easy enough to assess, but some kids will have very simple rooms (bed, desk, lamp) and others will have highly complex ones. Modelling the classroom is okay but not terribly exciting (unless you make it a design comp and then let the students actually reconfigure the room afterwards, according to the winning design).

Tiny homes or dog/pet houses is a good one. Objects of that size are more intuitive because you’re working at a familiar (human) scale.

I’ve done Trucks before as lessons (much easier than cars because trucks are much more rectilinear).
It’s good to have projects that utilise a combination of simple geometry + a few organic shapes, some images, , and than a couple of layers of organisation (eg Trailer unit is a Component, and wheels also components and are nested…and try different combinations of trailers/wheels using Tags/Scenes).

Modelling from a photograph isn’t probably a great way to learn good modelling practice, it’s more likely to be a technical scaled 2d drawing or a real object that you can measure, replicate and then modify in 3d. Modelling a photo is essentially tracing over something which doenst encourage the process of building objects using individual parts.
Modelling a street scene using Street View (google earth style) is quite good though - you could pick a place like Santorino or Mykonos which has a lot of fun geometry to explore. Give the kids a travel lesson at the same time.

A few other ideas:

  • Model your dream workspace - eg desk, monitors, computer, plants, art, stereo speakers, maybe some food, a seat for your pet, designer chair, cool lighting…

  • Model a skateboard/scooter park with modular ramps, rails, paths, etc.

  • Model a soapbox derby car (has machine parts and stuff)

  • A garden or pool design (or beach resort).

The Winterblues beach house sketchup competition was a good one (a few years back).