Good Project for after Fundamentals: Accuracy

I teach a beginning CAD course for high school-aged students. I am a new teacher to the course and content and I plan on using the Tutorials from SketchUp Campus.

After the students finish the QuickStart tutorials, I will have the students make 3 more playground structures as a project. Then we are moving on to the next few tutorials.

After they then complete the Core Concepts, Push Pull, and Accuracy tutorials, does anyone have good ideas for a second project?

What sort of students? What ages?

Maybe give them an object they have at hand to model so they can measure it and use those dimensions.

Thanks for your questions. I used them to add more information to the original question. I like that idea of modeling actual items and I plan on doing that after the students finish all of the Fundamental “courses”. I even ordered some calipers and I plan to 3d print some irregular objects.

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