...and then your own students surpass you

I mentioned in the corner bar about teaching SketchUp for the past 6 years. It’s fun to see kids have fun and learn things. It’s also a joy to teach something to a student, and then watch them turn around and teach it to a classmate. Then there’s the moment when a student goes on to do great stuff if not even surpass you!

The first year I taught, I had one student who was already accomplished with SU, and probably the instigator to having the school to bring me in to teach a class. He graduated and went on to college (Pratt), and has just now graduated from there. He put a couple video creations up on YouTube, and I thought the rest of the SU community might enjoy seeing them. He says almost all the modeling is done in SU, but employs Maya for more organic animation and a couple other apps that escape me at the moment.

Senior Thesis Animation:

A funny animation exercise from the year before.