Teaching from Home - Students and I know AutoCAD, I am struggling!

I’m a full time architect and a part time teacher for SketchUp and hand drawing/drafting to high school students in a private school. I did an entire class two years ago with SketchUp for Schools and the lessons I gave were all in video format. I made a poster shown elsewhere on this forum. If you PM me, I could possibly find a way to share the videos and components we used. This year and last, I had to go back to SketchUp Make because I’m teaching Match Photo, which SUfS doesn’t do. That could be a possibility, but each student would have to install it on a home machine. I was just rising to the occasion of teaching remotely, when they decided to furlough us after school teachers after all, so I didn’t end up working that out. Here’s another post about last year’s class, which is what I was supposed to repeat this year.