Some cool examples of my own

Back in March, the SketchUp team launched their Basecamp EDU Ascent Competition, so, as a teacher who just dove into SketchUp for Schools for my most recent class, I thought I’d create a poster and enter. I didn’t win, of course, but, while I did show the rest of the art department and give my department head a hard copy, it didn’t get shown at 3D Basecamp or elsewhere to the SU community, so why not share it here?

The entire poster is a two dimensional space with Digital vs. Traditional Media being one dimension and 2D vs. 3D in the other dimension. The path our 10 week course took was from:

  • 2D Traditional Drafting to
  • 3D Traditional Model Making to
  • 3D Digital Model Making to
  • 2D Digital Output from the 3D Model

On the digital side, the poster also shows the playlist of .mp4 video instructions I created for the lesson plan. I’ve always had a hard time getting this generation to listen to me in a traditional lecture-teaching kind of way, but by creating digital videos, I think I finally found a way to get the iGeneration to listen to me.