EDU Ascent Competition is BACK! (Q&A here)

Fire up your hard drives! The EDU Ascent Competition is returning for its second year to showcase the best work of the SketchUp education community at this year’s 3D Basecamp in Palm Springs, California!

If you a university student who thinks and dreams in SketchUp or a K-12 educator using SketchUp to inspire young minds in your classroom, then this is the competition for you! Stay tuned for the details; we’ll be posting it to our 3D Basecamp website shortly.

If you have any EDU Ascent Competition related inquiries, post them here and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

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Are submissions that were rendered with Lumion and some Lumion generated objects, such as trees, okay?

Hi there! Chris from the EDU team here. Yes, images created using rendering software are definitely accepted! The primary modeling work should be done in SketchUp, but beyond that, you’re free to use your imagination, and any additional software for your entry.

Hi Caroline,

When we upload our student design project using the layout template provided, are we uploading it as a layout file or an exported pdf?

Also, are we required to use the title block in the template? I saw that some of the submission examples did not have them.

Thank you

Hi @Mala215, You are welcome to upload your project in either .pdf or .lo file format. Consider the submission template a guideline to base your submission on. You are welcome to use the title block provided or delete it based on your vision for the project. Since we didn’t provide a template for previous year’s competitions, the examples on our webpage don’t have them.

Hi Steve,

Thank you. I just finished a school project with movie files imbedded into the PDF as an interactive file. Would this be something I could submit as well? The movie file was tied to my concept. I could upload it if you need to take a look at it.


@Mala215 Yes, feel free to upload your movie, we’d love to check it out! Please let me know if you have any trouble uploading through the submission form and I can provide you with a Google Drive link.

Great thank you!

I’ll upload it on the submission form once it’s ready and if I have any issues, I’ll ask for a google drive link.

Would you also be able to open the file and make sure that you can see the embedded gif too, just so I know that it works on your end? Thank you(sorry for so much back and forth)

Can we submit more than 1 36 x 24 board?

Video is also integral to my work, and I’d like to include my flythroughs with my submission. The files are big, though. Can you please send me a Google Drive link to submit?

All best,

Continuing the discussion from EDU Ascent Competition is BACK! (Q&A here):

Not quite clear on the formating that you need. I understand that you wish us to submit using the Layout template but I have a few questions.

  • Can we use as many sheets as we wish?
  • If there is video that is important to the curriculum, can we submit it as part of our submittal?
    -What about the lesson plan? Should it be on the Layout drawing or submitted separately as a text document?

Thank you


Are these submissions going to be printed out and put on public display, like say, at Basecamp? I’m waiting on a reply from administration, but images of students released to the public may require explicit authorization.

Finalist’s submissions will be printed for display at 3D Basecamp, however if your project features photos of students we will reach out for permission before printing.

Just to be clear, this can be handed in sometime tomorrow (Saturday the 30th), yes? I still don’t have a definitive answer yet on photos, so maybe I have two versions.

End of day tomorrow will work!

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Done. I was on such a mission to pound it out and upload it, immediately after uploading it, I found a typo. Oh, well! I already have a fixed version.

I did include pictures because it helped make the story real. I still haven’t gotten an official response from the right administrators, I think.

Do we have an estimated day on when winners will be announced??

We’re hoping to announce the winners around the 15th of July.

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Anxiously waiting to see the winning designs :grin: