The Geo-Location box keeps cropping up on my Sketchup. How do I get rid of it?

I used to be able to accept dwg files in Sketchup Pro but no longer after I upgraded to Mohave

It isn’t a limitation of Mojave itself - I still run SU 2021 on Mojave since several other programs I want to keep using won’t run on later versions of the OS.

I can still import DWG files.

Something else other than (or as well as) the upgrade to Mojave is causing your issue.

Can you import ANY DWG file? Is there one that works? Or do all fail?

Thanks John
All dwg files are rejected. I had an Autocad trial last year, I am wondering if as I did not sign up for that it is getting in the way?

SketchUp 2017 needs a DWG file to be in the AutoCad 2013 version format or older, if I remember right. If you saved from AutoCad 2018 or newer it uses a newer file format by default.

When I had Sketchup 2017, it accepted dwg files. Now in Sketchup 2021 it does not.

Can you post a DWG that you are unable to import into SketchUp?

What error message are you getting?
If there’s not one, does the move tool activate?

I had an issue a while back where I imported a DWG and it set 80,000 feet away.

The solution is in here :point_up_2: :point_up_2: