Importing DWG from Draftsight

Venue DWG.dwg (867.2 KB)
Hi, This DWG was created in Darftsight and saved as a R12 Drawing DWG. But when I import it to Sketchup Shop, I can’t see anything. I can see the layers in the tags list of Sketchup, and the person disappears (as if she is going behind something). But I can’t see any geometry. I have zoomed right out and right in. The drawing has a unit of a meter and I select that when importing the drawing to SU. Any clues why?

It appears to be an issue with the Origin of the .dwg. When imported into pro it warns that there is geometry a long way from the origin. So I moved it to the origin and exported it as a .dwg and imported into shop and got this.
Is that what you expect to see?
Do you have the ability to remove any origin information from the original. No geolocation for example, or export without retaining origin?

Thanks Box, I’ll look closer at that. The DWG was imported from a online topographical service provided by my local city council so perhaps there is something in the geo data of the import.

If you geolocate sketchup to the same location it would probably import ok.
I can upload one that works if you need it.

Usually in these, the origin is at the origin point of the used map coordinate system, it might be thousands of kilometers away. Usually, if there is no origin marker or such, the file should import OK if the “Preserve drawing origin” option is NOT checked in the import dialog. I don’t know if the Shop version has that option.

SketchUp geolocation does nothing to the model origin (thankfully). It just adds an attribute to the file so that Google Earth and things like that can place the model correctly if imported into their system. And the coordinate system in map files is usually a x,y,z system while the SketchUp geolocation uses latitudes and longitudes.