I import an dwg file to SU and it doesn't appear

Hi guys! How the title says, I am trying to import an DWG file into an existing Sketch Up project and it seems that it does but nothing appears, can you help me please?

Try hitting Zoom Extents after importing it. Perhaps it’s being placed where the camera doesn’t see it.

Share the .dwg file so we can try importing it ourselves and see what you are working with.

Parque Chacarita.dwg (361.4 KB)

there goes the SU file

When I import the .dwg file using these options, I get this. Note that I’ve added dimensions. You wouldn’t see anything in SketchUp if the camera is zoomed in on the origin.
Screenshot - 7_23_2020 , 5_14_37 PM

Untick the box in the middle for Preserve drawing origin and the .dwg will import at the origin.

Yes yes, the problem occurs when I specifically try to import it into that SketchUp project that I just uploaded

It imports imports into your file just fine for me. With Preserve origin unticked, it ends up on the ground plane under your model.

If you can’t find it after it is imported, right click on the component in the Components window and choose Select Instances.

By the way, I purged unused stuff and remove this:
Screenshot - 7_23_2020 , 5_21_17 PM

I also corrected the incorrect tag/layer associations for the geometry in the model.
Screenshot - 7_23_2020 , 5_25_47 PM