Sketchup 2017 dwg import wrong

After attempting to import separate DWG’s into the 2017 update the files are placed in the wrong coordinates. In 2016 I could import multiple portions of a model from 3dsMax for convenient layering and they would import properly in SketchUp. After the update when I import the parts they are placed incorrectly.
If I merge the parts into a single object then I have to manually select faces in order to separate the parts. This is a huge waste of time and I have to revert to 2016 until this is addressed.

Thank you

What is the state of the Preserve drawing origin check box?

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User error strikes again! Greatest thanks to you Sage DaveR!

Excellent. So does that mean you won’t be reverting to SU2016?

I guess I won’t have to now! :grin:
We’ll see though. I may be showing my ignorance but I wish SU had built in manipulation of vertex points without paying for plugins. I was really hoping for that type of stuff, ya know?

You can move vertices with the Move tool. Have you tried that? Or have you tried the Sandbox tools?

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I’ve been stuck moving edges, but I just tried and it worked. I feel pretty foolish, but thanks for the lesson. I wish it wasn’t so jumpy though, like you know how in Photoshop if you hold the shift key while moving you have better control and it won’t snap all over. Every time I import DWG’s random faces disappear so I have to re-work the mesh and it beefs up my file size like crazy.

(Thanks in advance for answering all these.)

You’re welcome.

I wonder if you wouldn’t be better off with some different approach. If the DWGs need all that work to make them usable, perhaps you need to go to the source. Or maybe you could skip the DWG. Is it possible that drawing the thing from scratch in SketchUp would result in a better model with less fussing around?

I often get files from others. they think they are saving me a lot of work. Most often I use their file as a reference and redraw it to avoid the problems they created.

Not really because I’m in the same boat. I’m getting files from others that are also in formats SU can’t even open, so while I agree creating the file natively in SU would avoid certain issues, I’m not allotted the time to pull it off for our deadlines due to the amount of models I’m dealing with. I don’t even like DWG all the time. I’ve had great success with the collada format, but sometimes the files won’t import to Sketchup so then I do end up recreating them. It’s hard to believe with my apparent newb knowledge in SU.

Well… That’s not so out of the ordinary, I guess. It’s an example of if you want it done right… :wink:

Are you getting 2D or 3D files? Maybe it would be easier to work with 2D files. Less to fix before it’s usable.

I work a ton with both. I have to utilize SU for them because we don’t own AutoCad and SU exports useable CAD files.

Well, I guess I haven’t got any great answers for you. You “get” to work with what they give you.

Nah man,
Guess that came across bad on my end. You did give me all the answers I needed good sir!

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