The dimensions in the model and in a scale drawing are different

When I have a model on a scale (here I will use 1:25 as an example), then make a scale drawing with a perspective angle using the same scale inside Layout, comparing with the dimensions it’s correct but the lengths are different.

Note: auto scale on dimension staly is always active.

Does anyone know any solution?

Obviously, if the stray line is closer to the viewer, it would look like that.

What about uploading the Layout file?

Thanks for the reply!
Of course. But as I’m drawning in ortogonal view, all shapes it’ll be the same (without showing depth) right?
And I tried to upload the file, change to a new one and other models but still have the same problem.

What went wrong? Just drag and drop.

Looks to me as if you have disabled Auto Scale for the Dimensions.

Sorry, I think I expressed it wrong. I meant that I tried to upload the sketchup file to the layout again and the line sizes remained different between the model and the scale draw.

No, i work with this option on. It’s off on the pic because i was testing change to see what’s happening.

You’re holding out on us. Why so reluctant to upload file? We will probably spot the problem right away if you do instead of spending lots of time working out what the words mean.

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Sorry but i didn’t even know i can upload a file here…

DIMENSION TEST.layout (84.0 KB)

So you have two images. One is a viewport from the Sketchup file. That other is a drawing done in Layout. Because it is not being viewed axially (ie face on), the SU drawing won’t scale true, just as a perspective drawing won’t. You can’t mix and match like that.

What do you actually want to achieve?

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I don’t see a problem in your LO file. The Dimension tool gives the same dimensions on both the viewport and the scaled drawing. Mine are in green.

I use the scale drawn in the Layout to do some details around the Sketchup model like installation height.
In general, I model a room then export each component (like a cabinet or countertop) to detail in the Layout.

Yes, the dimensions lines its right. The problem is the difference in sizes between it.

What difference in size?

The OP has drawn the simple square in Layout itself and so they are real world dimensions. If you move and superimpose it on the “shelf” drawing in SU, the sizes don’t match despite what the dimensions report. Hopefully I got the reason right in my earlier post.

I think this image should explain the discrepancy. Basically, you can’t apply a scale rule to an iso drawing and expect it to show the same as a standard 2D drawing. Not when using a 3D drawing package anyway.

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Ok, thanks guys