Texturing my model

belt.skp (1000.7 KB)

I have attached my model. In the model i have used the texture that are not continuous. Looks like its in sections. How to make look contentious.

Use “seamless” textures.


plz can u describe in detail how to use and where can i get that seamless texture for my model or can i my texture to seamless texture and how to use plz

No I will not. I gave you a search link (using the correct term,) so you can do YOUR OWN research. You will learn best this way, IMO.

Do not PM me with personal requests “out of the blue”.
Just post your question(s) and requests publicly in the forum, so that anyone who has the time and desire can answer them.

I myself have no desire to teach raster image editing.
Besides this question has been answered recently.

You can get a slightly better result if you use only a small part of your texture…