How to create your own seamless texture

Hi guys, who can tell me how I could create my own seamless texture for a particular stone? I watched tutorials on tiles and wallpaper and get that, but what about a natural stone for my countertops? I take a screenshot and once applied I can see the seams where I took that screenshot :confused: Cropping at it specific places doesn’t help, because which place exactly would I crop it at?

For example…

I would start by downloading a quality image (not screenshot) and using an image editor to get things done. If you have access to Photoshop, you can make it mostly seamless quite easily.

Another method is to actually find a texture that’s already seamless, and adjust it to your taste. This is also done most easily in an image editor, but you can get some basic coloring adjusted in SketchUp.

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As @monospaced wrote, it would be better to start with a better image but if you really must use that one, you can use an image editor to make a seamless texture image or you could use an online service to do that.

Edit to add:

@Anssi’s point is excellent however. Notice how the features in the image clearly repeat in the SketchUp model. Real stone doesn’t do that.

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Just an observation: Stone is not seamless, unless you can use a whole rock face, but usually your material will consist of tiles of some size.


But how exactly would you get things done?

I do have photoshop but I have no idea about what to do with this image so I wouldn’t see squares when I apply it in SketchUp. Using a different stone from seamless website wouldn’t accomplish the fact that I want to show this particular stone — I got a price and a name for it.

Stone isn’t seamless, but we would apply one large slab for the countertops and not squares of it.

I watched an official SketchUp tutorial showing how to do a seamless texture on a piece of wood flooring. It was loooooong and it didn’t help me with this stone unfortunately. Like where do I start editing this image to get rid of its ends so I wouldn’t get squares when I apply it to the countertops in my model?

Here’s my quick try based on this video tutorial

Basically, in Photoshop, you use the Offset filter with wrap around to move the seams to a visible location, and then use the different tools like Patch to try hiding them.

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Did you try the image I uploaded? I just did a Google search for ‘seamless texture’ and took the first online converter that presented itself. It did all the work.

Thanks very much! I will try it tomorrow and report :slight_smile:

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Hi Dave, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with that image, I thought you were showing me what you would do with it in SketchUp. I will try the online converter per your suggestion and will report tomorrow! Thank you.

The first image I added was the result of running your image through that online converter. The second was intended to show how it looks when imported into SU.

This is exactly what I would have done, and this is basically how it’s done in general.

Thanks everyone. The tutorial was great and I was able to get my seamless texture. I can still see the smudges along the lines where I tried to get rid of the seams but I guess it can’t be perfect!

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