Texture tiling issue

Every time I create a material texture for my seat from an online seat leather texture, it makes it look like this.

but I’m trying to get it to not look like that. Here’s the regular leather texture file picture.

How are you making it a texture?

How large of an area do you expect this piece of leather to cover? If the surface area of the object is larger than this scrap of leather will cover, you are going to get tiling. This image is not seamless so it won’t look good on a large area. Considering the size of the detail in the image, it looks to me like you haven’t got much more than a wallet’s worth.

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Oh okay. How would I make it seamless?
Picture of the seat.

You’ll need to do that in your image editor. A Google search for “How to make a seamless texture” and the name of your favorite image editor should get you on the way to doing that. Here’s a video tutorial that purports to teach that for Photoshop users.


Alrighty! :slight_smile:

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