Add seamless texture over existing texture

Hi everybody. I need to place this dirt path texture on the ground texture between the two rows of trees and I want it seamless. I have made the borders of the path the same as the texture of the ground. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
P.S. I know the model of this industrial complex has a lot of mistakes, but since it works it’s good

Model: ZAX FACTORY uploaded in 3D Warehouse.
Path texture, see below

  • Make your road texture seamless (I used Affinity Photo for that)


  • Import the texture file by drag&drop into SketchUp (or as you are used to)


Learn the basics:

My good old friend Mihai! Thanks a lot, If I understand it right, first you double seamlessly the road texture and then you add it to the model.
First, as I don’t have Affinity, I can double or triple as necessary the texture using Photoshop.
Second, when I place the texture to the model, things go wrong!

Can you explain how you make these clips you sent me, so I can make one to explain the problem?

You just have to make it seamless in the direction it will repeat
In Photoshop go to Filter > Other > Offset

In what sense did they go wrong? Did you follow exactly the steps in the GIF?

With ScreenToGif*

but the resulting file (.GIF) must be up to 5 MB to add it to this forum in its size.

You are great! Please allow me to consider you a personal friend.
All problems are solved.
Thanks again.

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I’m glad!
Παρακαλώ !