Adding road texture?

Hello. I used sketchup last year brand new to it on a personal project that I put on hold and now want to get back learning it again and running into an issue. I have a landscape with roads which i used the asphalt material from sketchup. I want the lane lines on the road though and figuring out how to do this. I tried using a road texture but the geometry seems to be all over the place on the road. Is there an easy way to add a road texture with lane lines?
final4.skp (9.3 MB)

Hope this video helps.

Thanks for this. I did see this but im having issues with how my geometry is since im not using a flat surface, but the road is on a terrain. I basically used cadmapper to get a model of a terrain and imported a model of a land plot with roads and draped that on the terrain. Which is causing the geometry to form triangles on the road that if i delete a piece will delete the face.

It can be done, but not with a single click, you will have to prepare the road surface to be able to apply the texture.

The way the model looks now, the geometry is not ready at all to apply the texture you want for the roads.

How would i prepare the road like you showed?

One option is to apply a simple asphalt texture and draw the road markings on top. Best to draw theses on a flat surface first - take the countours of the road only and project them with Sandbox Tools on a horisontal face. Then draw all the road markings and project them back on the road. Best to keep a copy of the road without markings so you could project again when any changes occur.

Another option would be to use vector graphics tools laike Illustrator, Corel Draw or Affinity Designer. Those would be more suitable to draw all the road marking or to use existing libraries. Then you could save them in .DWG format and project on the roads as lines or save the whole linework as and image and project that on the road. If you use V-ray, then you can just project all the linework on the road with V-ray Decals.

Other method, just as an idea


There’s a plugin called SketchUV that helps you to apply textures on non flat surfaces, also Fredo tools has one called thru paint it’s similar to sketchUV but with more options.

Thanks all for the feedback and recommendation. I used thrupaint to fix the surface and applied a texure and used thrupaint to rotate the texture to fit. Not the cleanest look but it got the job done.