Best way to apply road surface to part of pre-contoured landscape?

Hi there - i’m very new to Sketchup and still finding my way around - as with all programs some stuff makes perfect sense and other parts don’t - I spent a couple of days playing around placing a topo of my house site into Sketchup and have included the various slopes and heights of the roads that closely surround the site. I’m just going back to mark out the special materials on each section of road by first outlining them again with the intention of re-filling with an appropriate material. I click on the contour and then start outlining a section of road but the road section will not enclose itself to become a fillable area - the outline of road correctly follows the contours and looks unbroken from all angles - what am I doing wrong please ?

Read up on using the Sandbox - Drape Tool

Draping edges onto a TIN — SketchUp Help

thank you very much will do :slight_smile:

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