Merging a road to existing contours


I am a beginner with SketchUp, but usually manage to find the answer to my questions by digging through the web. I am however not able to find any good solution to my current problem.

I have created 20 different layers for 20 contours to get the 3D-map I need (1 layer per meter above sea level). Further I have drawn a road which I would like to fit on the existing contours. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Illustration below:

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Preferably the road stays in a separate layer. but is “smoothen” over the contours.

Appreciate any help at this subject!

I think you need to soften, or smoothen the contours first.

You can do that with using the same lines by"Sandbox Tool"

Use the option of “From Contours”

And use the outline of the roads to “Drape” over it.

Couple of links below:

Check out the “Drape Tool” in the Sand Box Tool Kit. I have never used it but it is for exactly what you want to do. I think you can easily find a video tutorial on this tool.

Thank you both for the help! This looks like the right solution :slight_smile:

You should have a look at Fredos Toposhaper too to get a nice terrain mesh from your contours…

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