Projecting 2D plane on Contours

Hello everyone. I have to project a road and footpath on my model but the model is in contours, can anyone please help with the same? How should I resolve this? Putting screenshot for reference.
Please note: The road is not a plane, it has thickness to it as well.

Generally Drape in the Sandbox tools would be used for that.

If your road and footpath already match the shape of the terrain, just move the road and foot path down onto the surface of the terrain.

Hi DaveR! I tried using Drape earlier but it just projects the lines and not the plane on the mesh. I did not understand the second part though!

Do you have the road and footpath as a group? If so, use the Move tool and place it down on the terrain.

Yes I did that but the terrain is different on all the 4 sides.

Which one is correct? Might be that you need to use Drape and then give the surfaces thickness with Joint Push/Pull.

Well the road is designed (proposed) in AutoCAD and the terrain is existing conditions of the terrain. Okay, will try the joint push/pull as well.

It’s hard to tell where the road lines up or would hit when projected down onto the terrain. Are you able to share the file for a closer look? Use Dropbox, Google Drive, etc and post a link here if it’s too large to upload directly. Or private message the link if you don’t want to share publicly.