Projecting a site design plan onto terrain created from contours

Hi! I am trying to project an image of my site design plan onto the existing terrain that I created from contours with the sandbox tool. How can I do this?

If you mean that you want the floor plan to be mapped onto the terrain, one way would be to use Push/Pull to extrude the walls down below the terrain (assuming you start with the plan above it) and then use Intersect to create lines that run along the terrain surface. When you select an aerial view with parallel projection, it will look the same as if you had just left the plan hovering above the ground plane.

Have you looked at the Sandbox tools? You could use Drape to do this.

Similar to DaveR’s suggestion, you just need to:

  1. explode the texture you want on your terrain and check to ensure ‘Projected’ is checked;
  2. be sure it’s lined up directly over where it would actually be on your terrain;
  3. eye dropper the site plan/image;
  4. paint bucket the texture on the terrain.

That’s it. See screenshots of example:


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