Help- how to merge a contoured landform and an acending road

Hi, as the title suggests I have a landform contour model and a road that is set at a definite elevation… I need the road to cut in and out of the landform model as it raises above and falls below… I also need the landform to raise or drop to meet the edge of the road.

Please find attachment of the road and contour models to help explain the problem/ challenge…(!)

I need this model doing for a project at work so it is quite important and have been sweating over it on and off for nearly three weeks now, so any help or guidance anybody can give me would be massively appreciated!!

Thanks for reading… Look forward to your response.


The only thing attached to your post is an image. From just an image it is difficult to diagnose actual problems and provide suggestions. Could you provide your actual model? If it is <3MB you can upload it directly using the 7th icon at the top of the reply edit window. If larger, you can load it to a file sharing site or the 3D Warehouse and provide a link here.

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