Texturing and painting for SketchUp?

I have been using Google Sketchup for some time now and I have decided to try out and texture/paint my models. I started learning Z-brush for the purpose , and proceeded with exporting obj files from Sketchup to Z-brush. The process works and I can see the model in Zbrush , however I get allot of small random bugs like the textures flashing every time I rotate the object or missing lines or not being able to paint flat surfaces and so on. So I am at the conclusion that the two programs aren’t really meant to work together. And here is the question , what program would you recommend I use instead of Zbrush ? And also has anyone actually tried to do something like this before , or I will just have to do things the “normal” way and learn maya or some other more specialized modeling program.

Google sold SketchUp to Trimble Navigation, Ltd in 2012.

(1) Make sure all faces are facing outwards. If the back of a face is facing out you will see it looks blue (when unpainted.)

(2) The SketchUp online User Guide on painting textures within SketchUp:

Re, ZBrush, Maya and other modeling applications, they have their own forums where it is best to ask their “how to” questions.

This sounds like z-fighting - that you have faces overlapping each other.

Before we jump to this conclusion, can you share some sample models or screenshots?

SketchUp is a mesh modeller, shouldn’t be anything special going on.

I have tried both in simple and complex objects but the flashing is still there (posted 2 videos bellow) The first one is the flashing effect in zbrush , and on the second one I got an obj file to p3d.in/ (a 3d online viewer ) and the flash is still there but today I stumbled upon the flat shading option which fixed the problem. So I guess that there should be something similar in z-brush. So I will just have to sit down and start learning the program (zbrush) instead of complaining on forums :smiley: But anyway on my original question I was also curious if anyone has been doing some texturing / painting on exported sketch-up models.Since everyone seems to use programs such as Maya , 3ds max and so on…

Do you have an example of that happening in SketchUp? Or better yet, do you have a SketchUp file that you could share so we could take a look ourselves?

No , everything works fine in SketchUp , the problem happens after I export it as obj , but as I said in my previous comment I think I found a solution to this problem.