Textures disappear while moving (after Windows update)


Suddenly, all textures disappear from walls, floors, furnitures etc while I move or rotate or zoom the project, it never happened before today, it’s really annoying

How to avoid that?

Generally this is an indication that your graphics card can’t keep up with what you are asking it to do. Sketchup is designed to first drop out shadows, then textures, then faces in really complex models to keep camera movement as smooth as possible.

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? The information in your profile seems to conflict.

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There was a windows update this week so I would suggest you check your graphic card driver.


SketchUp Pro 2020 and I have a good gaming PC

I did the Windows 10 update indeed but it shouldn’t affect drivers

Your profile indicates you are using the free web version. It would be helpful if you correct that.

Yeah. You’d think so but Windows updates are notorious for affecting/breaking graphics drivers and changing the default GPU to the integrated one instead of leaving it as your Nvidia GPU.

I’m getting this as a tattoo. On my testicles. Ooh dear, Textures! I meant textures. Just like the monk who checked the spelling, celebrate!!!

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Let me guess where.

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BTW, I would suggest that you go to the Nvidia site and check for driver updates. Don’t ask Windows to tell you whether the drivers are up to date because it will only tell that the drivers it pushed are up to date.

Ye I installed new drivers and after reboot the problem is gone, I should have thinked of the W10 Update, thanks

I updated my profile too

Thanks a lot

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