Disappearing and appearing texture issue

My textured model becomes untextured when I scroll or try to move around the scene and the textures come back when I click on it what could be the problem

If your model is complex and/or you are using high res images for textures or you have shadows turned on, SketchUp will drop the textures out while you orbit, zoom, or pan to reduce the load on the graphics card and make it easier for you to place the camera where you need it. The graphics card you list in your profile isn’t particularly robust for 3D modeling and if you’ve got a lot of detail in your model you should expect SketchUp to simplify the display while you navigate around the model.

I simple terms, your graphics card isn’t up to the job you are asking it to do. You might reduce the occurrence of this drop out by simplifying the model. Set the Face Style to Monochrome. Turn off Profiles in the style, Turn off Shadows.

If you share your SketchUp file with us we might be able to give you more specific help.

Thanks I actually asked an Ai and it told me exactly that so then I have to upgrade my gpu

So you didn’t trust me?

Integrated GPUs have never been recommended for 3D modeling. Best is to have a dedicated graphics card. Historically nVidia GeForce GTX series cards have been the most suitable. And if you use Vray for rendering, it can use the nVidia GPU to do the rendering.


:joy::joy::joy:Sorry to clarify that part about the Ai was earlier I saw no one was replying so went to the Ai bot​:laughing:

Hmmm… Sorry for the lack of instantaneous response. I had to read what you wrote and type an answer.