Textures are gone

Hi all,
Would somebody be able to advise me on why the textures from the floor and walls suddenly disappared from my model? I have a new gaming computer, NVIDIA card which I hope is used by SketchUp and out of sudden, the wooden floor doesnt show any structue but just a beige color and wall paper I used on one wall disappered as well. I just started to work on model so it is not even that is somehow big.
Thank you!

Is your model displaying any textured materials at all ?

If it is not, then perhaps you need to look at the menu item
View > Face Style > ‘Shaded With Textures’
If that is NOT checked you’ve somehow switched textures off - and perhaps ‘Shaded’ is selected instead !?
There’s also an equivalent Toolbar button-set which you might have inadvertently clicked ??

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Many thanks! Indeed that was the problem!

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