Textures bug in sketchup with ful res jpegs

Hello. To everyone from Sketchup Team. The software has serious bugs and basic failures with textures which make this program not suitable for profesional use.

First of all. Its nonsense that the software allows to put super high res textures - like tiles scans and not makes automatic lighter versions of this huge scans suitable for work and modeling before rendering .
It should be only basic res visible for working in sketchup and then vray should read hi res photos for rendering.

i have 20 mb jpeg scans for 60x60 tiles. why sketchup allows me to make new texture and import 20 mb jpegs and is not making some textures proxies?

How i can make texture proxies - not object/group/component proxy but texture proxy like this???

What does it mean that i can allow or not sketchup in preferences to use or not maximum textures size?

i have it unchecked but still sketchup is hanging after using this scans - what does it mean maximum size or not? 50 proc 20 proc 10 proc? hello guys from sketchup - users should guess or what?

After using this 20mb jpegs for 4 different tiles sketchup is completly crashed - its hanging all the time.

after entering this texture via materials - its hanging after any try to enter the textures in the hard drive.

The most important question is if sketchup does not change the big textures into smaller for faster work how to do it manually and use small jpegs in texture tiles and render hi res photos with full res?

Any answer why this company has not allow this to process it automatically somehow?

The “Use maximum texture size” setting determines how much SketchUp reduces the images you use as materials. When you leave it unchecked the size is reduced to 1024 x 1024 pixels maximum. When turned on, the result depends on your graphics card. It can be 2048 x 2048, 4096 x 4096 or perhaps even more. It is a limitation of OpenGL.

Considering you are using SketchUp 2017 Make, you must surely be a hobbyist.

Four hi res images

Imported into SketchUp Pro as textures along with a bunch of other textures and geometry. No problems at all. No hanging up, no crashing.


Dave beat me to it… technically, NOTHING in Make is suited for professional use!


In SketchUp Pro, I’m rendering 32k textures, while using proxy textures inside the Sketchup model. It’s, therefore, possible.

If I’d use Sketchup as a hobbyist, I could also do it.

So how to use proxy textures? its not explained. like any proxy for group/element?
i should make an element from a tile x 4 different textures and then use proxy for it? what is the workflow for bathroom tiling?
why my sketchup is hanging if using such a large textures is so easy for this software? any idea?
many thanks