Large texture and size limits

  1. Is there a recommended way to worke with large / huge rasters in Sketchup?
  2. What is the maximum recommended pixel resolution? 1000x1000 ? 4000x4000?
  3. Can you create overviews and tiles and only load detailed tiles when “zoomed in” ?

By default, SketchUp downsamples all imported larger textures and images except PhotoMatch backgrounds to 1024 x 1024 pixels. If you check the “Use maximum texture size” in the Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL dialog this increases to the maximum your graphics card can handle.

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It recommended to limit texture to your highest requirement…

there’s a great plugin called ‘goldilocks’ that helps you judge which are too small, too large or just right for a given view…

you can’t in the ‘model’ as each face can only have one texture… but I suspect one of the reason for the move to openGL 3 is it’s automatic mipmapping in the view…

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Thank you Anssi for the clarification. So if I want a square object to have a texture of 10240 x 10240 I need to split that object into 10 x 10 objects and assign a different texture 1024 x 1024 for each of them. I know the hardware is the limit here with respect to what works or not. Trying to find the “good enough” resolution for each case.

As said, if you enable large textures in Preferences the tiles you need may be larger. I am not sure, maybe someone from the SU Team could enlighten us, if what an old ARTICLE by @ChrisDizon states, that the absolute maximum Sketchup supports, if enabled by your graphics card, is 4092 x 4092.

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Thanks John!
Goldilocks looks like it can help - thank you! I am

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