Is there a maximum Image Size in Pixels that Sketchup Can Import?

I’ve just tried importing a TIFF with 25127x38096px and 957.24MP from a survey into my Sketchup Model.

It failed.

I’m now converting it to smaller sized PNG files. I was successful at 16000px. However, I’d like this to be as big as possible, if I could.

Anyone knows the max size of an imported image?

Is it different if it’s a PNG, JPG or TIFF?

This may answer your question:

Thanks @jimhami42

I had read that but it doesn’t state a thing about max image size.

Thank you @DaveR

That’s probably not the case nowadays. It downsamples the image if that is Max Size is turned off, but turning it on allows the full definition of the 16000px version to be visible. At least it’s what it seems.

That might be a good idea, but it will make projecting the image into the terrain surface harder. I was thinking of having the max image size possible and project it in one go. Eventually, on renders, I’ll use the full resolution 3Gb image, but for reference having an high quality image in the model is very handy. Turninv Max Size on and off allows working in the model rather fast or rather accurate.

No. The downsampling is an OpenGL limitation. When the max image size is not checked, SketchUp downsamples to 1024 x 1024 pixels. The effect of the checkbox depend on your graphics card. I understand that the maximum today is 4096 x 4096 pixels.

TIG has made an extension that splits large images to these dimensions.

You might be right, but honestly the increase in resolution seems more than 4096, when I turn max size on. The image doesn’t seems that blurry and I’m talking about an image that covers 570m x 375m. I’ll post a screen shot.

The max I could import at this point is 25000px height. I’m trying a bit more everytime.

It may not be correct, but it states this a few screens down the page:

Note too that the MatchPhoto images do not have a hardcoded size limitation.

That is definetly not right. It might be very outdated. I have a plugin action ongoing in the model right now, but I will post the difference I see with max size turned on and off with the high resolution aerial inserted. I believe it goes far beyond 4096, but I might be wrong.

It must be old. Today SketchUp supports whatever is supported by your graphics card. The values I found online listed quite outdated graphics card models. 16384 was the largest number mentioned.

You are right and I think TIG’s solution has to be used for people who need higher quality.

This is the maximum image size I could import into Sketchup: 26000x17149px PNG format.

The whole terrain as it looks in SU:

Zooming in into a section without max size turned on:

Turning on max size:

This is more or less the same area as it should look with the full 26000px. Definition is way better than in Sketchup:

And just out of curiosity, the TIFF original with 38096x25127px:

As Sketchup is always downsampling the image, I don’t understand why it doesn’t accept the original TIFF and I have to find a middle ground that it can accept.

I might explore @TIG 's solution and probably can drape the image frames into the terrain surface and then project each tile into the corresponding section of the terrain.

This is a bit overkill, but then again, also a 26000px image was overkill. Thanks for your help!

It’s a good question. I ran into problems once using 24MP (6,000x4,000) image for Match Photo, and @ChrisDizon seemed to think SketchUp couldn’t handle it:

Is the TIFF compressed? I wonder if it is running out of memory?

I don’t know if it’s compressed, but I could check if you tell me how. I can also check if it’s running out of memory but I think it’s not. I simply get a dialog stating that the image is invalid and Sketchup is rather quick at telling me that. I don’t feel it’s a memory issue as the system is snappy. GPU has 12Gb and 32GB Ram.

EDIT: These are the properties of the image. At least what I could find that related with compression.

I’ve used Large Image Splitter extension on the 26000px PNG image (the largest I could import into Sketchup) and it now looks like this, after being split into 4096px images:

Originally, the 26000px image looked like this in Sketchup:

It’s a very significant change for the better and Sketchup feels snappy.

It’s a shame I can’t import the original and split it, but this is already very high quality.

Thank you very much for your support.

The TIFF is definitely of a compressed variant. An uncompressed one at that size ought to be almost 3 gigabytes.

Well, it is 3Gb…