Is there a maximum size and dpi for creating materials and importing images into Sketchup?

I’m still a newbie to all of this and going through tutorials. Is there a maximum size or standard (inches - width x height) and dpi for creating materials and designing images to be imported like labels when applying to a plane? I’d appreciate some information in this area and thank you for your time.

Here isn’t a limit to the maximum image size in physical length.
But there is maximum amount of pixels that SketchUp will display. either 2048px or 4096px depending on your graphics settings.

And regarding imported images (from the File menu):

SketchUp User Guide: Importing images says:

  • Size images no larger than 1024 x 1024 pixels. That’s the maximum size of an image that can be imported into SketchUp. If you use an image that exceeds the maximum, SketchUp automatically downsizes the file using a medium-quality sampling mechanism. However, your image looks better if you size the photo yourself in an image-editing program like Adobe Photoshop (one that supports bicubic resampling).

The online User Guide mentions “higher resolutions” but never comes right out and says that 4096 is the maximum.

Improving Performance: Setting OpenGL and anti-aliasing preferences

  • Use Maximum Texture Size: By default, this setting is deselected, because using maximum texture sizes slows down SketchUp. (Textures are images applied to your model.) Specifically, when this checkbox is deselected, SketchUp won’t render graphics at a resolution higher than 1024 x 1024. You might select this option to see an image at a resolution higher than 1024 x 1024. However, if you have enabled this option and SketchUp seems slow, deselect this checkbox.

So does the OpenGL switch, also effect the import sizes form the File menu ?

@ChrisDizon ?

I understand that the effect of the “Use maximum texture size” depends on the capabilities of your graphics card. If it supports 4096 x 4096 pixels, you will get that.


I greatly appreciate everyone’s response. Now I have something to go by when I want to develop my own materials or add additional images where needed. Thank you!

@Anssi I know this. My point is that the documentation doesn’t say it. Not the User Guide, nor the Release Notes. (Nor the API documentation on the Texture class.)

It would also be nice if the OpenGL panel told the user what their maximum texture size is when the box is checked, and not. (… depending upon which adapter they use for SketchUp.)

Otherwise users will continue to ask.

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I totally agree.


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