Texture too small

I have made any own textile folder in Sketch Up 2016 pro, to use in different files on different models. All the texture scale were correct on the first file I used them on and then on the first component I added them two in the second file.

However when I started adding them to the other components in the second file, all of a sudden the texture was far too small. If I edit the texture, the scales and dimensions are still the same.

Please help …

*just noticed as well, If i increase the dimensions of the texture to the right size on the second component, the texture is then far far too big on the first component.

why is the texture scale different for each component??

If I select ‘make texture unique’, the text then returns to the correct dimensions. But I cant do this for every single face.

The usual reason for behaviour like this is that your model is using a different unit than you think, like meters instead of millimeters. I have seen it happen - people modelling rooms with walls 3 kilometers high.


Sadly not, the units are in mm.

That wouldnt solve the reason why they were showing different scales on different groups either.

On a scaled group, the texture is also scaled.



Do you mean that the group has been scaled up or down. The two different groups havent been scaled at all, they are at the size that they were built