Texture on grade not lining up for a brick paver patio surface

I am working on a model where I have created a patio, this patio has a cross slope, plus a longitudinal slope. I draped the patio design onto this terrain. Now, when I go to paste paver textures from Belgard onto the surface of the sloped area, you can see what is happening as shown by my two attached photos. I can see why this is doing it, how do I correct this, so all of the pavers are lining up in one direction. Thank you.

Set up a flat surface above the patio and apply the texture to that. Then right click on it and choose Texture>Projected. Then sample that texture with the eye dropped and paint the surface of the patio. Do it with Hidden Geometry turned OFF.

By the way, you should correct the reversed faces on your in your model before you go any further.

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