Getting the texture mapping to render evenly on varying degrees of curved slopes

I am experiencing problems with getting a herringbone block paving texture to render correctly on a sandbox driveway that curves and slopes in more than one direction, The drive looks fine without the texture but the texture looks very contorted. I am sure that there must be a simple way of rectifying this with the right knowhow, Your help will be much appreciated. many thanks


Here is a video pertaining to the application of textures on a curved surface using SketchUp’s native features.

If the procedure doesnt look exactly right, you can try using the SketchUV extensions to map your texture onto the surfaces - Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse



The first video Chris posted is the method what I for paver painting with small undulations. The texture will be warped but it is so subtle that I think it is fine. The trick is to make sure the material/texture is set to project.

– matt

Hey Matt
Nice visual :slight_smile:

Many texturing tasks can be solved with Fredo6s Thrupaint (a tool in the FredoTools) too.

Thanks Chris!

I’ve been on this “try to answer in a gif” kick lately. It is a good exercise in brevity.

– Matt

Many Many thanks for your help Chris, the sketchuv planar mapping sorted out the problem,
Awesome one click did the trick and a couple of others to scale the texture!
Sorry that Ive been a while getting back, only just got back on my mac to check it out.

Many thanks to you all, for your help I am not a whizz at this but the sketchuv sorted the problem using the
planar mode, just 1 click sorted the texture flow and 2 more sorted the texture scale Awesome!

many thanks