How to stretch texture on curved area

I have problem with texture. It is a paving tiles texture. Source texture file contains two rows of tiles. It’s simple to add texture on rectangular area, I make it when I want to create some like straight pathway. There is a problem when I want to adjust it to strech it on cureved area. That area looks like letter ‘J’. I don’t know how to twist texture to model how the tiles will be put on ground on real.

It shlould be something like on this pic behind the circle. I want only two rows but I assume that method will be the same.

Can you help me?

I did this with SketchUV /Tube mapping.
I first created one line, then offset it then connect both with Curviloft then apply the texture, then use the plugin.


ely862me, thank you man, it is exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

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