Straight road texture to curved fbx model (with texture)


hello all. new to sketchup.
how do we go about (and can i) curve a texture and export it as curved?

here’s what i’m doing:
i got a texture of a road - the road is a straight line
i want to have that same road texture, as a curve to have a curved road, and then export it to fbx.

in sketchup i was able to curve the texture using Curviloft.
from here i have no clue though.

i tried applying the curved texture to a (new) curved face in sketchup, but the texture doesn’t keep it’s curve - it goes back to being straight.

i need help on getting the curved texture by either:
a) making the texture be curved when applying it to a (new) curved face (i tried this using the dropper, but to no avail)
b) exporting the curved texture?

or any other method i can follow?



yeah, i followed that tutorial, but the video poster says he doesn’t know anything about exporting the curved texture, or applying the curved texture to a curved face - that i could apply the texture to a shape and bend the shape.


If you want to curve a texture (jpg) you do that in Photoshop/Gimp etc.

If you want to make a 3d model with a curved mesh + texture (straight) you do that in SketchUp.
Curviloft will apply ‘curved texture coordinates’ so that a curved 3d mesh will have information on it to display the texture so it follows the curved road. The texture seems curved but will remain straight though - its just the way how its projected on the road. If you make the 3d curve less smooth - you will see how it works.

After using curviloft, its just hitting export and choose fbx for the file format. If you’re exporting to Unreal tick the ‘swap YZ’ and ‘centimeters’ for the units. Also tick the ‘export texture maps’


thanks for the verbose reply Maxb
i must have not done something right last time i tried exporting the curved road from Sketchup - i was able to get the exported texture show up as a curve this time (it was getting exported straight)
anyhoo thanks so much