Drape or stamp of objects onto a sloped surface

I am a landscape designer, and I think I finally have figured out how to work with terrain. I am working on a model that has a patio, and I have a longitudinal and a cross slope with a brick paver patio I am designing. I created a group of my proposed terrain, and than I draped my patio onto the proposed grades. It worked, I am so excited. Now, my question is, as I want to place furniture on my patio that has the longitudinal and the cross slope on my patio, how do place my furniture, grills, so that all the legs actually touch the patio. Maybe I am being too picky, but I am sure there is a way to place the furniture so it is actually sitting on the patio, and not a few of the legs floating. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from someone.

Assuming that your proposed patio floor is relatively level, you can save your furniture objects as a group or component with the bottom of the group at the same elevation and select the foot of one of your objects as the aligning point. Just move that point to the desired location and the entire group or component should be appropriately placed. You can adjust the elevations of the remaining objects that may not coincide with the patio floor level at specific locations.

Upload the skp file if you run into any difficulty and someone on the Forum can offer more assistance.

edit the components and set Glue to Sloped…


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Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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