Text weight changes when editing text box

I’ve been having an issue where the text weight keeps changing to ‘regular’ when I try to edit a text box. Here is an example: I create a text box and enter my text, in this case “Front Elevation” and I set the weight to ‘Bold’

Oops! I spelled “Elevation” incorrectly, let me just edit that text real quick, and as soon as I double click to change the text, the weight changes to regular

In this example, I even had the default text box text set to Bold, so I have no idea what is going on. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Update: Two additional notes. Someone asked below and I thought I would clarify, that when I edit the text and leave the text box, it stays at the regular weight.
But I have also found a weird workaround, if I select the text box, and then double click to edit it does not change the text. But if I don’t have the text box selected, and just double click it, the text changes.

Does it revert back to Bold when you stop editing? Is the font one that has a Bold version built-in or is Windows “bolding” it on the fly?

It stays ‘regular’ when I finish editing. It has regular and bold and italicized versions of both of those, and always reverts the ‘bold’ to ‘regular’:

I have the same problem. The issue seems to extend to text that has custom line spacing too. I wonder if this has something to do with certain modified texts.

If for example I have text set to a custom line spacing, when I double click the text box, LayOut will automatically revert the text back to the default spacing and open the Text Spacing dialog. Why would it do that?

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