Bold font changes to regular when I rotate text box

HI I am trying to create a title block but when I rotate the text box it changes any text in bold back to regular - very confused! First day trying to use Layout or Sketchup.

Is this in LayOut? Can you save the file and upload it?

What font are you using?

When I rotate a text box with bold text, it stays bold.

Hi I am using Ink Free - but I drew lines around the text boxes to create a table _ obviously not the way to do it - and when I turn the whole table 90degrees the bold turns to regular

What does Ink Free have to do with LayOut? Upload your LayOut file.

You asked me what font I was using so I replied - I do not want to upload file as it has all my personal information on it - but thank you anyway

Sorry. I thought you were referring to a program. If you want some help with this, replace the text with something that’s not personal information and upload that so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

Most likely the best thing would be to not use a table for your title block.

Title block.layout (21.6 KB)

OK. I see what you are describing now. It appears the font is the problem. It doesn’t happen with other fonts. Are you absolutely stuck on this font? Could you find a different font to use?

Okay thanks I will change the fone although I really like it! Thank you for your time and help.

You’re welcome.

There’ll surely be something usable that is close.

If you are making a standard template for your use, consider creating appropriate layers and adding some Auto Text fields to automatically fill in the blanks.

Yes thanks again

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