Layout Text Formatting

Noticed this as a bug that is new to version 2023.1.
When editing text that has bold formatting, the formatting is removed when I click to edit the text. It might not be happening if I pre-select the text I’d like to edit… It seems inconsistent. See below:
Layout Text Formatting Bug

Same here, and not just that, I also encounter that when I edit text then after it changes to underline text.

I would guess that this happens with a font that is bolded by Windows, not with one that has a bold version built in or a separate bold font.

I am having the same results with a newly created text element, regardless of font. I am finding that it’s consistently changing the typeface setting and also the underline/strikethrough options when I double click to edit. If I pre-select the text then double click to edit, the settings are maintained. If I pre-select the text and tap enter to edit, the settings are cleared.

I’ve confirmed this in a new document in various fonts.