Layout Text Formatting

Noticed this as a bug that is new to version 2023.1.
When editing text that has bold formatting, the formatting is removed when I click to edit the text. It might not be happening if I pre-select the text I’d like to edit… It seems inconsistent. See below:
Layout Text Formatting Bug

Same here, and not just that, I also encounter that when I edit text then after it changes to underline text.

I would guess that this happens with a font that is bolded by Windows, not with one that has a bold version built in or a separate bold font.

I am having the same results with a newly created text element, regardless of font. I am finding that it’s consistently changing the typeface setting and also the underline/strikethrough options when I double click to edit. If I pre-select the text then double click to edit, the settings are maintained. If I pre-select the text and tap enter to edit, the settings are cleared.

I’ve confirmed this in a new document in various fonts.

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Are there any solution to this issue? It is really annoying trying to edit text and the format keeps changing.

At this point we’re probably hoping they resolve it in version 2024… which means we have to go through the painful process of re-installing all of our plugins, setting up all of the trays, toolbars etc. for a “context menu improvement” and a fix to this seemingly simple bug.

Another bug also left un-resolved is using the annotation leader tool in SketchUp. Using it essentially breaks SketchUp until you exit out, and re-activate it and immediately exit out again…

Our subscription dollars hard at work here…

There are many more broken things with both programs that use to just work in previous versions and now they don’t.

After the year we had with this program it may be a long while before we install 2024 when it come out…

If upgrading to the “new version” could be as simple as installing a version update I’d certainly be more likely to do so at the time of release. But the amount of headache it takes to reinstall, validate update all of the plugins; to re-organize all of the toolbars, trays in SketchUp, then do the same in Layout, and live with the fear of a bug rendering the new version un-workable, therefor keeping the older version installed - which causes issues with licensing… I think the text formatting bug is something I see in my future for months to come :frowning:

This was happening to me as well. The only “quick fix” I could find which I’m now in the habit of doing is to hit Ctl Z with the text still highlighted, and it reverts back to the original formatting. I can then type or edit what I wanted from there.

See below:

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Has this issue been fixed in the 2024 version?

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this on pre 2024 versions.

Just tested on 2024 – I use the Lexend font – the issue is not happening.

That’s not to say that any bug in Layout has been fixed.

It does appear that the issue is fixed in 2024. I haven’t experienced the issue yet using the same fonts and scrapbooks that generated the issue in 2023.1

Good to know, thanks