Layout 2019.2 Text Font Style Size

It appears you can no longer highlight the Font Size under the Text Style tray and type in a value to override what is currently selected. You have to place your cursor in the Size field, and hit backspace or delete. Used to work in 2019.1. It is cumbersome when you use fonts that are smaller than the already given numbers, i.e. smaller than 8 pt.

Really? I have always been able to single click in the Size box and just type the new value. Never needed to hit Backspace or Delete prior to typing. This shows it in LO2019.2. Same as it ever was.

By the way, please complete your profile with SketchUp version and actual graphics card. That info helps us help you.

It seems it works on the first selection. If for instance you click in the Size box a second time (which un-highlights the value), then you can never get it to highlight again. Without getting out of Text function or manually choosing a defined text value which selects it for you. Had I noticed it worked on the initial selection I would not have mentioned it.

But for sanity, try clicking the size box a second time and see if it works for you, it doesn’t me.


I’m not seeing what you describe. I have no problem highlighting the text in the Size field so it can be overwritten.

Thanks for checking, must be on my end. Now that I know it works on the first click, I’ll just change my workflow.

Out of curiosity, do you find yourself frequently changing font size?

Yes, all the time with the type of work I do.

One thing you might consider is creating a list of your commonly used text sizes as part of your template. Then, when you need to place text or change the size of existing text, you can sample from the list. When you are getting ready to place a new text box, get the Text tool, hit S, click on the desired size in the list and place the text.

Doing that will save you trips to the tray and some keystrokes.


Excellent idea, thanks.