Text placement on face?

I am trying to create a flood chart in my model since the site is in a flood zone. But there seems to be no good way to place the text directly onto a rectangular block I created for the chart. This is as far as I’ve gotten:

But the text is still floating in space, and sometimes disappearing into the seawall if the viewing angle is wrong. Is there any way to write directly onto the white Flood Info panel, preferably in the boxes I created next to the indicator lines? The red line is the model red origin axis; the origin point of the building, not the sea level.
Is this something I have to do in Layout? I’d rather make it part of the main model because it is important enough to highlight even when I am not going to be using Layout.

You can place 3D text with extrusion disabled. The characters are then placed as (reversed) faces, which would probably bloat you’re file, btw.
If you place them ‘inside ‘ the chart component and make a ‘face me’ component, you’ll have some sort of ‘label’. If you change the axes to the height of the red axe, you can easily place copies of the component elsewhere in the model

It worked!

I guess it’s also important to get the text right up front since there’s no changing it later.
Also, it kept crashing SU on my main model, which is 539MB now, so I had to do the chart panel in a submodel and then copy it back into the main model, after quitting SU properly to clear out any crash cache remnants, but this is no problem with the solution, I think, just my very large model and maybe the way SU handles 3D text.

You can try Flat Text, haven’t used if for a long time so I’m not sure if it is current.

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Another option is to use SketchUp’s ‘Dimension’ text with ‘Align Dimension’ text.
See: Sea Level Dimension Text.skp (173.6 KB)

Advantage: you can change text later and lower file size.
My text is as good as what I could read in your uploaded image.

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