Text from SketchUp model resizes to half size at update or reload


When we update or reload our title block model which has all the text into layout, the text resizes to about half the size it should be. The text reads fine when we update on most of our computers but two computers have this issue. We had the issue with other computers but it resolved itself and works fine now. Any suggestions?


I’ve done some experimentation and here is an update. The same 2 of our 6 computers are still re-sizing text smaller than it should be when the models are reloaded into layout.

Our title block model which has all the text as mentioned above, was originally created in SU 2013. SU 2015 was the first version of SU installed on our newer machines. I thought maybe this problem was due to a bug fix in 2015 to make text size appear the same in layout as it does in sketchup. So I saved all model and layout files down to 2013, purged and reloaded the models into the layout file and purged layout file first. I did one set with the same font size and it still resized smaller than it does on other machines. So I think I’ve ruled out a bug fix or change with 2015.

I did another set of test files with a bigger font size in SU 2015 on the new computers. They loaded correctly into layout but the font is significantly oversized in SU. Further, I reloaded these files on the older computers that work with the old font size and the font came out oversized in LO. So I’m convinced it’s a setting in SU or LO that we haven’t selected yet on the new computers that I’m missing.

Historically, our text in the SU model is 2D text with a 8" height set in the font options of the entity info window. It comes into LO at 10pt. We are using 8" instead of 8pt in SO because the text is fixed in position regardless of the view.

On the newer computers the SU text comes into LO at 8pt instead of our normal 10pt. So it seems it is an issue with the newer computers or newer SU scaling the text. I’ve tried all the setting sin the SketchUp menu in the Tray.

If we change our standard and models to 10" it doesn’t work in LO on the older machines. If we use 8" font it doesn’t work in LO on the newer machines.

It’s really hindering our productivity and we need to resolve this issue. Thanks for any input.



Are your machines windows or mac? Are they all on the same operating system versions?

Since it appears to be a machine-specific problem, is it a problem with having a particular font installed on one machine but not the other? What font are you using?

I don’t think it’s common to make title blocks as models in SketchUp - usually folks make a custom template file directly in LayOut that contains their title block information. But I am surprised by what you’re seeing. I’ll try to duplicate the problem on my local machines.



Thanks for the suggestions Marc.

All our machines are Windows 7 pro. I’ll check all of them for updates but I think they are current.

All machines are using Tekton pro font for SU and LO. I’ll make sure they are all using the same file.

Yes, you’re right, it’s not very common to use a model for the title block. LO was too painfully slow. The text model is fast and easy to load into multiple LO files. We learned how to make the text work but this issue just recently came up with the new computers.


Some fonts (flux architect, for example) cause problems in LayOut because they’re not a complete character set, but I don’t know of any issues with Tekton pro at the moment.

I would expect a text block created in LayOut to be must faster than one created in SketchUp and then imported into LayOut, so I wonder if there’s something else going on there.

I just created a text block in SketchUp 2015 on my windows machine, and imported it into LayOut, and the text does render at a different size, although perhaps only 10% smaller in LayOut than in SketchUp.


Is the scene/LayOut viewport using a Perspective or Parallel projection camera? Text with its size defined in model units would be affected by perspective.

Just a dumb suggestion.



Yes, thanks for trying. We are used to it re sizing a little (like you say 10%) but on the new machines it’s more like 20 or 30%.

Thanks for the suggestion. All are in parallel view.


are the newer machines retina displays?


no, not retina displays