Terrain modeling


I’m doing a lot of research into terrain modeling with SketchUp, and it seems to be a very “one-way” workflow. For instance, once you’ve generated terrain from contours, it’s very difficult to make accurate changes to terrain or contour lines without having to start over.

Same thing with roads, or retaining walls. Once you’ve merged them with the terrain, it’s nearly impossible to make small or large changes without having to back up and start over.

I’m curious if there are any workflows that people employ to save a copy of the original terrain, in order to “repair” parts of the model if they need to make a change and restore the original terrain mesh? I’m trying to think of various ways to approach this that will allow for some adjustment of things but it seems like once it’s done, it’s done. Does anyone have a specific workflow they’d like to share in how they approach terrain?


Have you checked out this thread?