Advanced editing terrain tutorials for Sketchup Pro

Hi everyone,

I am a floating newbie on sketchup, I want to convert but I am having troubles getting my house on the site!!

Could anybody please direct me to somewhere that I can learn how to edit the terrain once you have created it in Sandbox. I have googled and you-tubed, but have not managed to find what I’m after. I understand the way to create a terrain from contours, but once I need to put my house on the terrain, I am struggling to edit the face correctly, for example: cutting the terrain to add retaining walls, battering the earth for a driveway to meet gradient requirements, cut & fill for building platforms at different levels etc. I suppose I’m after some sort of advance training on this.
Thanks in advance

PS I am a very visual person so any links to videos would be sooo much help :slight_smile:

The Vertex Tools Plugin and SubD Plugin are your friends here, if you look for them in the Extension Warehouse you will also find the respective video tutorials for both.

I suggest you to watch SketchUp Essentials videos put out by Justin Geis on YouTube. He has covered almost every one of your needs in his past videos regarding grading, walls, earthwork volumes, GPS-locate your site and everything you may need. He is also a good source for plug-in/extensions and tutorials related to the extensions as well. I am pointing my finger at the direction you need to go. :):+1:

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