[REQ] Tutorial on terrain contours / basement / Civil / building interactions


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I am facing the same problem as her trying to view the same old Video tutorials and its becoming like a dog chasing its tail round and round with Sketch-up tutorials.
I have not seen a Sketch-up Tutorial on land-fill contours/ basement/ Civil/building interactions in landscape. Its either the Sketch-up team is lacking on this or not interested at all.
Contours and Buildings are the basic bread&butter before you paint pretty houses.
I have also have problem of not being able to access to SketcchUp videos tutorials in the last 3 days. Was fine before!
I want produce proper productive works that will pay since I buy good money to invest in the program. Help!

You can start here:

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Maybe this can help.

There are several tutorials, links, plugins listed on the SU Sage.

Very nice page. Maybe it could be sorted by SU-Version to find through or maybe by date or alphabetical order. It takes much too long to find special things one’s looking for.

Barbara, I’m working on it right now. The Tips & Tricks page has been broken down into subpages so far, but it’s not quite ready for debut. There’s a lot more stuff there than when that whole site started out as a few FAQ pages during the Google Groups forum days almost 7-8 years ago.

Oh, good news. Please give the users a chance to follow a red line. We mostly get stuck while following an idea on the project working. It’s so anoying reading page by page without success. I’m sure you can do it SketchUp like.