Terrain errors



I’m having trouble uploading a purchased geo location? Its displaying an error occurred while displaying terrain

In some of these cases the only solution to try is to get a refund for the attempted purchase, and then try again. You could tell us what location and import settings you used, in case that particular location has problems.

@Bryceosaurus may know if there is a known solution to the creating terrain issue.

If you want to tell support about the failure, use this contact page, making sure that you are signed in with your usual Gmail address, that’s the one that the purchase will show up against:


You should see the Message Us button as being available.


Have sent a request to support,

My Location is 8 Vanderspek Place Frenchville Queensland 4701

Are you able to assist further?

I did work in support for two years, but even then I was not one of the people who handled refunds. One of my colleagues will see your request tomorrow morning.

I am interested though to help test your location to see if I get problems, and I hope that Bryce may have ideas when he sees the message tomorrow.

Terrain does come in for me when I add your location, at least when using Digital Globe. Nearmap uses the same terrain data, it could be the terrain error is misleading, and some other Nearmap error is happening.

I hope Bryce or customer service are able to help to solve the problem.

Hey Colin

There’s no way to correct those terrain issues related to Nearmap purchases. Typically a small adjustment in the region fixes the problem.

@benharth86 were you able to get a refund through the support team. It’s best to contact them through the support form. Though if you still need a refund send me your email address and purchase details via private message.

Best Regards!