Template with inches up to a selected length, then feet and inches

I’m working on plans for a shop. Because of stud spacing and window sizes I’ve selected a template that uses inches.

But when I need to work on the slab or a whole wall it’s really frustrating to have to manually convert back and forth between inches in SU and feet and inches on the source sketches/diagrams.

I’d love to have the ability to work in inches up to 6 or 8 feet, then go to feet and inches.

Tape measure I carry has both – any way we could have that in SU?

There isn’t any way to use multiple dimension for mats in a single Sketchup file. If you change the units, the existing dimensions get updated. It could be done in LayOut, though.

That will likely be the “official” response to this FR.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the Units setting was part of the style settings so that scenes could be displayed in a particular unit, without affected other scenes (that use by default the global model units) ?

If adding to the Style class is too much work, then how about just letting scene pages keep track of their own units setting (“under the bonnet” each scene page gets it’s own OptionsProvider hash with unit settings clones of the model’s global settings. Users make changes to the scene units, then update the scene as usual.)



At the moment, this is about as close as it comes.

Dual Dims v1.6 … SketchUp Plugin by TIG

Could there be a “toggle” between ft/in and in? That would be handy!

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@DanRathbun’s suggestions are about using Scenes as the mechanism to toggle between Length Units.

+1 Dan

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