Want to work in feet and inches as in prior versions of SU

want to work in feet and inches as in prior versions of SU

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What version of SketchUp are you using? You should be able to select the Architectural template as always.

Pro 2022. It only will allow inches or decimal feet. I want to be able to input feet inches and fractions of inches.

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If you choose the Architectural template the units will be set to do that. Or go into Window>Model Info>Units and choose Architectural.

Please correct your profile with the correct version.

it doesn’t work by changing the template or by changing Model Info panel. My choices are Architectural in inches or decimal feet. I’ve used SU for over 20 years and never had this problem until this 2022 version. I cannot draw a line that is, say, 13’-41/2" without painful calculations.

I’m running on a MacBook Pro with M1 processor. It seems that in the past there were some problems with dimensions with this processor, maybe in Layout? Just guessing…

THAT will show dimensions in feet and inches. It’s the same as it’s been for more than 20 years.

You don’t need to do any calculations to draw a line that long. In fact, it doesn’t matter what units you have selected, you can still draw a line that is thirteen feet four and a half inches long. Type 13’ 4 1/2" and press Enter.

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Works for me, set to Architectural.
Start line, type 13’ 4 1/2" hit return.

Unless it is somehow different for Mac.

doesn’t work for me on my Mac. The ’ and " don’t seem to register. It just gives me 134.5" line.

The ‘smart’ quote setting in the Mac settings might interfere.
Check System Settings, typeboard and disable it.

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