Can't convert to fractional inches unit format

Hi there,

I am using Sketchup Go (paid version of sketchup for web). I have my units set to feet and inches. I would like to change them to fractional inches. But SU is not allowing me to. I go into the app settings and set default template to fractional inches but it doesn’t change anything. I save the file and it still doesn’t do anything. I exit and go back in and still nothing. I go into model info and fractional inches is not available. Only feet and inches and inches and decimals are available but not fractional inches ( inches only and fractions).

I don’t get it. Why isn’t the option to change to fractional inches available in model info with the 6 other formats when in app settings it is available with the 6 other formats.

I’m really confused as to why the developers did not include fractional inches in model info. If it is truly not there then i am baffled.


Any help would be appreciated.

Do you mean like this?

Yes. I cant do that with SU Go.

That is a screenshot from Go.

Make sure you are using a template set to Fractional Inches.

I am. I initially had it set to fractional inches, then switched to feet and inches, and now i cant go back to fractional inches. Why isn’t fractional inches available in model info?

It does seem a little odd, looks like a bug.
One workaround, copy your model.
Go to App Settings/Regional and change to Fractional.
Open a new model and paste in place and you should have everything in Fractional Inches.

Ok. Thanks. But that is a major oversight that really makes no sense.

But i have to accept it and move on.

Perhaps @colin can pass this onto the relevant people.

Could you show us the panel ‘Model Info’ with current settings compared to what I get?
(Ignore the dimension in mm in the model)

The setting generally shows, but it won’t change back to just inches. Notice your dimensions show feet and inches, not just inches.
If you start with a fresh model set correctly it will show in inches with those settings.

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Thank you got it ! (spot all seven differences)
I usually don’t mess around with that system. But yes, I started with a new template in inches. Once I switched to feet and back to inches I could not get it to only show inches.
It’s a bug.


Hi @DaveBryce,

I am one of the developers on the Sketchup for Web/Go team.

Thank you for reporting this. You are definitely correct that the units option for fractional inches is only available as a template, but not through the model info UI, and that that is an oversight.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a better workaround to return to fractional inches at this time than the one that Box has come up with. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have documented this issue.


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I’m glad that the issue has been documented. I look forward to it being corrected in future releases. In the meantime i have settled on using Feet and Inches.